Emergent Jewel by Susan Bores.

  Emergent Jewel is my fine art photography and jewelry collection. Below are my "emerging" thoughts and musings. 


"Photography has been a creative pursuit of mine since I saw the images from my first Polaroid come to life. The excitement continued into the darkroom and forward to the digital era. Since 2015, I have been exhibiting in both juried and invitational shows in the Hudson Valley, where I’ve been a life-long resident. 

While my inspirations are many, my love of nature and the outdoors is a driving force in my photography. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the decisive moment, along with a more constructed composition. I seek to reflect realism, as well as the painterly. While the whole can be captivating, I’m often drawn by a segment, with the resulting image a more abstract one. As a visual being, photographer, and jewelry designer, my eye is drawn to color combinations, luminosity, iridescence, texture, structure, and the ever-changing play of light and shadow. My quest for nature has brought me on a journey of discovery from the vantage point of our trails, gardens, and sanctuaries. 

Most recently, my camera has been focused on nature in the Hudson Valley, shooting panoramas, and exploring metal prints. My quest for nature has brought me on a journey of discovery, including our walkways, trails, parks and preserves.  I have been reveling in taking dramatic landscape expanses. Additionally, creating metal prints (produced when the image is baked onto aluminum), has brought an awareness that certain images lend themselves to being printed on bare aluminum, while others benefit from other finishes. When printed on bare aluminum, the image interacts with light and the texture of the metal to bring dynamic results."



"I hold an appreciation for jewelry through the ages with a special admiration for Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern, as well as contemporary styles. By chance, I came across a workshop in 2014 and my pursuit of jewelry design began in earnest. I first brought my work to market in mid-2015. 

The jewelry pieces in my collection are all handmade and unique. My inspirations are quite wide – from nature to fashion, interior design, and beyond... Material, color, and form factor highly in my pieces. I use quality semi-precious stones, glass, pearls, crystals, and relics. I work in sterling and fine silver, gold-filled, brass, and copper metals (all lead free). 

I continue to seek out an array of processes and materials. My work may involve beading, shaping sterling silver into new forms, weaving in or wrapping stones and objects with metal wire, threading stones onto fine silver to create twisted branches, and stamping metal to create patterns, images, letters, and numbers. Most recently, I’ve been using resin to suspend gemstones and objects within metal components, as well as pierced cold connections – the joining of metal with a hammered rivet, without using a heat source."